“To call Solar Federation a Rush cover band or even a Rush tribute band would not be a fair assessment. Solar Federation is a group of Rush fanatics who have listened to Rush with such frequency and in such detail that they have mastered every nuance of Rush’s music. They are expert musicians who leave their hearts on the stage with every performance. If R40 is truly the last time we’ll see Rush live, then it’s people like Solar Federation who will keep delivering satisfying live performances of these songs we all know and love.”

~ Ryan H., Co-Host of “Digital Men – The Ultimate Podcast for Rush and Prog Rock”

“So have you ever seen those Rush cover/tribute bands that just don’t cut it? The drummer can’t keep time or plays some elementary version of the beat? The bassist is a guitarist who drew the short straw. And since he knows a couple scales and can kinda slap in E, he can do Geddy? The guitarist is a speed metal local guy who shreds. But it sounds like nursery rhymes when he plays Alex’s stuff. A buddy of theirs got a Casio PT-180 as a kid, and so he qualifies as a keys player. The guitarist sings because he’s the only one not tone deaf, but he’s a baritone. There’s 20 people on the stage, and you can’t discern Limelight from Dog Years. But they dress the part right?

THIS IS NOT THAT BAND! You will not find a tighter, more dedicated Rush tribute band out there. The love of Rush is in their bones, and you feel it when they vibrate yours. They completely channel the Rush live experience in an amazing way. The singer does a brilliant job of marrying Geddy’s sensitive yet hard hitting approach. Nothing short of elegant. If you close your eyes you’ll swear you hear Alex, Geddy, and Neil up there. Those little nuances you’re looking for? Those are there. Everyone in the band are super Rush fans, and settle for nothing less than getting it perfect. Go get your mind blown. These guys are legit!”

~ Brent S., Co-Host of “Digital Men – The Ultimate Podcast for Rush and Prog Rock”

Attention all RUSH GEEKS – SOLAR FEDERATION is a Rush tribute band from Harrsburg, PA. I love that they have a female lead singer! She kicks ass and totally pulls it off. But can they play La Villa Strangiato? Watch and listen…”

~ Glenn Hamilton, Radio Personality at 97.3 FM – The River
(Harrisburg, PA)

Solar Federation is well worth twice the price of admission! Go. See. This. Band! The group’s high-energy performance on stage translates to an amazing rock show of timeless Rush music.

Close your eyes and you’d swear Eric Wirsing’s screaming guitar solos were coming from Alex Lifeson himself. Eric’s guitar work, along with Mike Bitts on bass, Joe Cin on keyboards and Ffej Herb following in the footsteps of another drummer who can “pound the crap out of those drums,” the band is the perfect compliment to Julie Schreiber-Wirsing’s amazing voice on lead vocals.

Put them all together and Solar Federation is one damn good band. I drove almost 3 hours to see them and I plan on doing it again and again!

~ Sean W.
(Bowie, MD)

“Growing up for me the music of Rush was not something that you listened to as much as it was something that you experienced. The casual fans do not understand this but the true fan knows that when we listen to the music of Rush, in our minds we are playing along with every note. Some of us hone our skills on our imaginary guitar or drums, but many of us excel in playing each instrument in our minds and that’s what makes the music of Rush an experience.

That’s also what brings the people who love this music together. From all walks of life and all corners of the globe we get to play together with our favorite band and our favorite music. Solar Federation has brought this experience to life in our own backyard. From start to finish, from one song to the next, they replicate the music of our favorite band with the technique and precision of Rush. For me, they also bring the shared experience which allows me and a room full of strangers, to play along with them. Rush classics and more, performed live by unbelievably talented musicians and true fans, bringing us back together.”

~ Dave B.
(Owner/Artist/Photographer at Stuff Dave Saw)

“Be prepared to be Rushified!” is one of my favorite quotes from the movie I Love You, Man. And that’s what I say when I’m at a Solar Federation concert. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have a Rush tribute band in my subdivision. I would fly by night or day to go see them. Their musicianship is amazing and they are so much fun to watch on stage. (Ladies, there are 4 guys!!!) And speaking of which, the number one lady, Julie, is The High Priestess of Vocals!

The set list is packed with all your favorites like ‘Limelight,’ ‘Tom Sawyer’ and ‘Closer to the Heart.’ But then they throw in some deep tracks like ‘La Villa Strangiato’ and ‘Between the Wheels!’ And every song is played with so much energy and passion. There’s not a better way to spend an evening than hanging out with friends (new and old) and listening to Rush songs performed by Solar Federation!”.

~ Dianne K.
(Rushanista & Chick Who Loves Rush)

Okay. You are talking to a fan who has never missed a Rush Tour since 1976 and holds conventions for Rush fans from all around the world called RatCon. You’ll know the Rats. We are the ones jumping around like idiots, putting our arms around each other, singing every lyric and ripping every AIR instrument to every song.

Second time LIVE? Crazy freaking good. Insanely good. Almost unfair to some of other mediocre Rush tribute bands who have been in the business for years. Bottom line… the elite Rush tributes all have something different about them that set them apart; a uniqueness that one can only experience when you witness the band LIVE and get hit with that blast of rocket sauce at point blank range. Welcome to the ELITE category, my friends, and you couldn’t be in a better place at a better time. With Neil out of the equation for a while (and they will be back on a very limited basis), Rush fans need that sauce to keep them moving. Your extraordinary talent is going to get you some pretty radical recognition here in the near future and I am SO not kidding. You are a no frills, straight forward, kick ass, faux Rush-producing machine that will have fans begging for more.

Keep doing what you’re doing and we can’t wait to see what you add to your already extraordinary Rush portfolio in the future. It was a pleasure to meet you all last night and thank you for representing the greatest band in the world with respect, finesse, pride, power, and passion. See you all next show and talk soon! Cheers to the max and thunder on!

~ Lance K.
(Co-founder of RatCon & Air Guitar Pioneer)